Liquid Waste

The future of liquid waste treatment.

In 2018, Haldon Industries transformed its liquid waste division into a stand-alone subsidiary registered as Haldon Waste Pty. Ltd. Our goal is to reset industry standards for the treatment and management of industrial liquid waste.

A New Approach to Liquid Waste Treatment

Haldon Waste provides a range of onsite liquid waste treatment services. These range from simple oil/water separation to the treatment of multi-faceted waste streams. Our liquid waste treatment systems are modular and fully mobile, allowing installation and commissioning times to be minimised. Our treatment solutions focus on resource recovery, and we seek to provide reusable outputs (water, products etc.) wherever possible.

For companies facing more long-term issues, we can work with you to design and construct onsite treatment systems, providing you with a sustainable means of managing your liquid waste.

Our liquid waste treatment services include:

  • Treatment of all trackable liquid wastes
  • Mobile and temporary treatment systems
  • Per Tonne or per Litre rates available
  • Design and Construction of permanent onsite treatment systems
  • Onsite sludge dewatering
  • Resource Recovery systems
  • PFAS treatment systems

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