PFAS Treatment Solutions

Industry leaders in PFAS waste stream treatment and management.

Since our establishment, Haldon Industries have been leading the way in the development of compliant, sustainable and cost effective PFAS treatment solutions.

A tailored treatment strategy

Despite the common narrative, there is no silver bullet for PFAS treatment. Every PFAS treatment project is unique and presents its own challenges and variables.

The variables that need to be considered include the molecular make up of the total PFAS concentration, the presence of co-contaminants, the receiving environment, applicable regulatory compliance, the current waste disposal market as well as the clients budget, site and time constraints.

Haldon Industries have designed and developed a robust PFAS treatment strategy that considers all of the above variables and outcomes in its application.

Our strategy is centered around the utilisation of various adsorptive and anion exchange media in a sequence tailored to each project’s unique characteristics and treatment objectives.

Benefits of Haldon’s PFAS Treatment Solutions include:


“Best in market” for waste generation


High PFAS loading capacity


Fully Regenerable


Long media lifespan


Permanent and temp / hire solutions available


Proven removal of up to 42,000ug / l total PFAS in one pass

EPA Licenced Treatment Solutions

Haldon are currently the holders of multiple NSW EPA Mobile Waste Processing licences (EPL 20878 & EPL 21114) relating specifically to the onsite treatment of PFAS contaminated wastes. Under these licences Haldon can treat a range of PFAS wastes while discharging continuously to the environment or trade waste.

PFAS Waste Streams Treated include:

  • PFAS impacted groundwater
  • PFAS impacted stormwater
  • PFAS contaminated liquid waste
  • PFAS contaminated sludges
  • RAW AFFF Concentrate
  • Waste AIX Regenerant

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