“I was fortunate enough to assist Haldon Industries in developing their integrated business management system. It was a pleasure to work with such an agile and forward-thinking group of people who were committed not only to ensuring the system was designed appropriately, but also that it is used effectively. From my experiences, it is rare to see this level of commitment across an entire organisation.” 

Oliver Kelly

General Manager, i40

Health & Safety

We approach safety differently.

Yes, we identify and manage our risks. Yes, we meet our legislative obligations. However, we do not stop there because risk is an ever-changing landscape. We understand the value of engaging our onsite teams and subcontractors to constantly improve and innovate better ways of operating. People are our business, and our industry. It does not happen without them. We believe that an engaged, respected workforce is a safe workforce and as a result, our people are constantly attuned to the threats that our activities present.


Protection of the environment is the business we are in.

We place great focus on ensuring that a philosophy of corporate and personal responsibility is involved in every project we undertake. We plan accordingly but we also focus on being ready for the unexpected. Our people are thoroughly trained and consulted on the impacts of our activities on the site and wider environment. We review these impacts meticulously and respond swiftly and effectively.


Customer satisfaction is considered in every decision we make.

Our relationships are underpinned by delivering what we have agreed with our customers time and time again. We seek first to understand. We consider our stakeholders. Then we deploy the right resources and use practical monitoring mechanisms to stay on track and improve. Quality is not just a word or task, but the culture that continues to drive our business forward with each and every project.


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